Hello, let’s be real, precise web searching is an important skill for programmers.

Googling or knowing how to search the web for the correct answers to your questions, is a must-skill for any web developer!

A regular search with your smart keywords might work out of the box, however, using the right keywords is critical to finding the right solution to your problems. Google and DuckDuckGo have many more treasures for us, we can find them by narrowing the search results and finding concrete answers.

We as web developers or programmers can be too busy, why not save our time and make our life easier? …

The reduce() method does not return an array, it works differently than the other methods.

We use reduce() when we need to analyze all of the elements in an array and return just a single value, it can transform the data from the array into a number, string, or an object.

The reducer function is always taking from the two elements (the accumulator and the current value) reducing them into one value. The thing we combine element by element is the accumulator, and the output of that combination is used with the next element to combine those two into one.

Recently I had a client who had VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 and had to quickly install the Ghost blog platform in a subdomain, however, his primary domain or the root folder was already populated by WordPress. I took immediate action and this is how I did it:


  • Nginx server installed
  • Node.js installed
  • MySQL installed

1. Create subdomain and test

Make sure that via your domain provider you have created a subdomain, usually, this can be done by only adding a new A record for the subdomain, it must point to the server IP address, for example, this is how is done via the Hostinger panel…

I will try to be short and precise, you might already know that Laravel 6 installation comes without many presets (Bootstap, Vue, React, Jquery), the choice is yours, however, in order Vuetify to work you must first install Vue:

> php artisan preset vue

after that let’s install the component framework, in your terminal type:

> npm install vuetify
> npm install

In the resources/js/app.js file include and add:

import Vuetify from ‘vuetify’;

in the same file, at the bottom, where the Vue instance is called add thevuetify: new Vuetify()line, so complete instance would be:

const app = new…

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